A sister concern of the S.B group, Sheikh Cement Mills Limited, was established in 2010 with the foresight and belief in the potential of building a strong nation. Located in Khulna, Bangladesh, it is one of the growing cement-producing plants in the country. It produces 1,90,000 MT yearly with a capacity of 2,19,000 MT per year. We have our own power plant and transportation, such as trucks and inland vessels. We import our raw materials from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and India.

Sheikh Cement uses state-of-the-art technology in every segment of the manufacturing process, maintaining the finest quality for sustainable and durable construction. We use the best technical maintenance with well-groomed staff. Sheikh Cement offers both Portland Composite Cement(PCC) and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), which are suitable for all kinds of buildings and provides optimum durability, long-term strength, and workability.

Our company produces first-rate cement to meet the growing demand of civilization. We believe in ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers, because to us, their success equates to our success. Besides building foundations of concrete, we feel responsible for taking good care of the environment. With innovative strength and a powerful hold on global standards, Sheikh Cement is a dependable solution for providing the best construction materials.  

Choose Sheikh Cement to build your future

Sheikh Cement Mills Bangladesh Limited is a very dynamic company that remains at the forefront of all industries. We continue to evolve as industry trends and our customers’ wants to change. Markets are increasingly becoming very competitive, and this requires constant innovation to get ahead. Sheikh Cement Mills Bangladesh Limited keeps pace with the changing world through new ideas and cutting-edge technologies.

History Emphasis

Our company has achieved many milestones mainly due to full dedication and hard work by our highly skilled and experienced workforce.

Economic Outcomes

We have a long and proud history of giving emphasis to environmental, social, and economic outcomes.