Quality Control

All orders of production went through accurate quality control. We make sure to test all imported raw materials to guarantee quality with international standards. The process of the whole preparation gets strictly monitored through a state-of-the-art computerized central Control Room (CCR).

Compatible quality: Committed to consistency

  • Quality Survey from market
  • Approved Source of Raw Materials
  • Completed Goods Stocks
  • Exact Proportion Mixing
  • Perfect weight
  • Modern Quality Testing

Test results

Our product is regularly maintained through “BSTI” and “KUET Test” for Sheikh Cement.

The BDS EN (197-1:2003) has ensured that Sheikh Cement gets produced according to European norms, which is achieved by using clinker and high-quality constituents. We offer two types of PPC, one uses 65-79% clinker and the other PCC uses 80-94% clinker, and one type of OPC, which uses 95-100% clinker. We produce our products through Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which is a computerized industrial system used in automated factories.